Maria Mesick | Digital Organization

About Me

At Apple I helped many professionals who struggled with digital clutter. This would result in lost files and time wasted on resetting passwords. I was able to resolve their technical problems but was constrained by the retail environment from setting them up for long term success. I felt like I was always putting out fires that could be easily prevented. My Apple customers were constantly asking me to work with them outside of Apple but under Apple’s employment contract I was not permitted to do so. This lead me to start my own company that focuses on digital organization. Since beginning my business in 2018 I have worked with many different professionals from small business owners to professionals in the entertainment industry. My goal is to make technology approachable to everyone. I set up my clients to  have everything they need at their fingertips whether its documents, photos, or the skills they need to be successful with their technology. I am available for in person consultations as well at virtual. Contact me if you would like to learn more about how I can help you!
"Maria is a breath of fresh air! I’ve worked with a lot of techies that spoke a different language that left me feeling uneducated and confused. Maria takes complex problems and breaks them down into digestible metaphors and explanations. When I came to her, I was entirely overwhelmed by my technology. She taught me how to simplify my approach and make the most out of my technology. Now I feel so much more organized, confident and productive. Maria is equal parts educator, problem solver and friend! My only regret is not calling her sooner!"

- Melody M.