Maria Mesick worked at Apple for 7 years as a trainer and tech before starting her own business in 2017. She’s a professional digital organizer and Certified Photo Manager. Maria offers a full range of services to help her clients get their digital life in order.


She customizes all of her services based on client needs, but her most popular services include:


  • Consolidating all files onto one hard drive so you can recycle old cell phones, hard-drives, flash-drives, CDs, and SD cards.

  • Organizing photos, emails, and passwords so they are easily accessible.

  • Personalized training on how to get organized— and stay organized.


She’s recently started offering all her services remotely to prioritize the health and safety of her clients. If you’re interested, email her at to learn more about the services she offers.


Tel: 424-800-3039

Los Angeles, CA