In person & remote services

All my services are available remotely, worldwide. I also offer in-person services in the Los Angeles area.

Photo organizing

Consolidate & backup

Are your photos scattered across multiple computers, cell phones, cameras and social media accounts? I’ll remotely consolidate photos from multiple sources onto one hard drive. So you can stop holding onto those old phones, hard-drives, flash-drives, and CDs.

Organize & curate

Your photos will be easy to find in a simple and accessible folder structure that is easy to navigate. De-clutter duplicates and delete non-essentials photos and screen shots. Making your memories easily searchable.



One-on-one training

Prefer to DIY? I can teach you the skills you need to get organized— and stay organized. Your training will be personalized to your unique needs. Learn the ins and outs of your computer to make everything you do faster and easier.

Personal assistant training

Your assistant wears many hats, but they may not have the computer skills to keep your files organized. I can help them learn the technical skills they need to tackle your digital projects.


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Calendars & contacts

Description coming soon.

Ready to get organized?

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